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Thanks to you, these animals get the love and care they need and deserve.

Charlie was hit by a car and suffered severe injuries. Luckily, he was rescued almost immediately and, after three pins in his leg and a lot of loving care, he recovered. However, due to lingering effects from the head trauma, he cannot be released. But he has a new mission in life: porcupine ambassador! He loves meeting new people and no one who meets Charlie ever thinks of porcupines the same way again. 


This young barred owl was hit by a car and lost most of his beak. With a lot of vet care and patience, his beak actually grew back! Once we saw that he could find and eat food on his own, he was released back into the wild. Our goal is to set the wild ones free whenever possible.Those who cannot survive on their own are cared for here for the rest of their lives. 

This little beaver kit had been caught by a dog and needed extensive vet care and rehab before being released back into the wild. With no mom to show him, we also needed to teach him how to survive on his own. It takes a lot of time and resources to help these little ones and our sanctuary simply couldn't do it without your generous support. 

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